Toxic Broadhead Penetration Test & Review

So I was recently given a pack of Toxic Broadheads from a friend and thought I would test them out after a bunch of heated discussions whether or not they had penetration power and if they were legal in states like Oregon where there is strict guidelines on what broadheads you can or cannot use. These are a killer looking broadhead that look like Muzzies bent to form the shape of a toxic chemical warning symbol. The only real issues I would have is the blades are pretty much one and done, although replaceable, it makes it hard to site in on a perfect broadhead everytime. The other is that it only comes in a 100 grain application. For us Elk hunters, we like to have all the KE we can get so a 125 grain would be great.


Broadhead: Toxic 100 grain
Arrow: Easton FMJ 340
Bow: Mathews Heli-M 70# 29″ draw
Strings: Winners Choice X8190 Extreme
Target: 2 – 1/4 inch thick Pergo Laminate boards (not pressed together, free laying) at 20 yards

3 thoughts on “Toxic Broadhead Penetration Test & Review

  1. I have the toxic broadhead and got to use it last year. It was only my second year bow hunting and loving it. Didnt get a deer my first year. But last year I got a toxic broadhead. And I got my first deer. The deer left one heck of a blood trail and a short one at that. The deer only went about 25 yards before it droped dead. I didnt hit any vitals but still not a bad hit. (still not that proud of the shot). The deer turnd at the last second and hit right at the eaged behind the ribs and stoped just before piercing the skin. Went through two ribs and shoulder blade. The only thing that was visable was the nock. Besides the not so great shot it flew great and penatrated good alos. I recomed this broadhead to every that bow hunts. thumbs up to toxic. thank you.

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